Hey y'all! 

I want to truly welcome you to Texas Transfers & Designs. We have been around for over 3 years now but I took over in early in 2021. I have a heart to be an encouragement to others, make awesome designs that will build your businesses and bring a bit of peace and kindness to our little corner on the internet via our FB group!

I am blessed to be a wife of 15 years to my sweetheart Jeremy and a mama to 3 kiddos who are growing far too fast.

Once you get to know us, you know that we love God, Texas, America, humor and others. My hope and prayer is that we can help you grow your business, encourage you in life and bring a smile to your face (we post regular memes because... well... who doesn't need a laugh?) We even have a specific area for prayer requests and you are free to remain anonymous if you would like!

We post new designs weekly at a discounted price and we do so with input from y'all! We want to know what YOU want so you can grow in business and have what your customers want.

We hope you'll become a part of our awesome community and please feel free to reach out with any questions. I am always happy to help.

Many blessings,
Melissa 🐝