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Bull Skull UV Cup Wrap

Bull Skull UV Cup Wrap

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- Peel design transfer off of backing.

- Place the transfer on the cup ensuring design is straight and positioned correctly. If design has multiple piece elements, you can cut them apart and position them as you please. I don't recommend cutting through whole pieces of a design.

(The adhesive is very strong and is not reposition-able)

- Working from the center to the outsides, press design down firmly. Pay extra attention to edges and corners.

- Peel off clear film slowly. If any areas are not adhered, place film back down and continue rubbing the area to ensure adhesion.

- After film is peeled off, use your fingers to rub over the design and all edges to ensure adhesion.

Hand wash only. Dishwasher or microwaving may crack and peel design.

- Not all brands of glass cups have identical measurements. Sticker wraps have been measured to fit Libbey 16 oz glass cans specifically. Adjustments may be necessary prior to adhering design to ensure proper fit.

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